Weekend treats…

A present from master, a very short school skirt, and a pair of thigh high pink boots. I am a lucky girl, he likes me to look nice for him. 

It was Saturday, he gave me so much attention. We arrived home and talked had a drink. Master appeared in the lounge wearing latex pants, his cock and balls out on display. He looked so sexy, my pussy throbbed. I was desperate for him to fuck me, I wanted to be abused.

I decided to change, I wore my new boots, stockings, long blonde wig etc, master loved my boots on. He always knows the best things to buy. I love it when he finds me sexy, he took me to the bedroom. 

I rode his cock for a while, master likes it when I squat over him and slowly slide up and down on his hard cock. It makes my pussy wet, it makes it ache the next day. I love it to ache the day after master has used me, reminds me of my place. Master told me that he was going to cum inside tonight, my cunt was aching for his seed. I orgasm hard. 

Master told me to lay on the bed, he went to the drawer and took out a butt plug. He knows I like double penetration. I like  the thought of it, and watching it, anal and vaginal or double vaginal. Of course he slipped it in and my greedy arsehole swallowed it up. It felt wonderful, then in went his fat cock, my god it felt amazing, I love to be full. I am a greedy fuck pig after all. 

Sir turned me over onto all fours and pounded away at my cunt till he came, using my fuckhole for his satisfaction. Except this time he came inside, it felt so wonderful, I felt so loved, the fact that he gave me his seed. I hope that one day master will find me worthy of breeding. 

I was still horny, luckily my master was too, I continued to play with his majestic cock, he ordered me to make him cum within three minutes. This was a pleasure, once again I licked him clean.

I love to drain master’s balls. 

Mmmmm his seed  in my cunt and in my mouth, and with my butt still plugged. 

Master is a gift, one that I treasure.



Addicted to him…

I am besotted with my master, I think of him constantly. I miss his presence, his smell, his touch.

I want to be his world, as he is mine. His control makes me feel safe. His voice calms me, it is gentle but firm, certain, it arouses me immensely.  

We talked on the phone tonight, I love hearing about his day, being part of his life. Although the slut within can not help but miss his beautiful cock. 

I want him to abuse my holes, use my body for his pleasure. I think about it and my greedy cunt gets wet, maybe if I am a good girl sir will let me cum. 

I think about being dressed as his school girl, taken to the woods and made to suck his deliciously hard cock, being bent over his car and fucked. I think of a recent afternoon trip to a huge hard wear store, he took me to the toilets, bent  me over the sink and fucked me hard, I moaned loudly, I didn’t care if people could hear, I wanted them to. Imagine how jealous women in the store would be hearing me climax. He came all over my arse. I loved walking round the store after, knowing I had serviced my master and people must have heard.  I felt degraded like a slut, I loved it. I like to be his special girl. 

We should have some playtime soon, I can’t wait. He excites me. Makes my pussy throb. Writing this makes me wetter. I desperately want to touch, but I will not. I must not cum without his permission, it’s not my pussy to play with, except on O day and that was yesterday. 

I will wait, I am frustrated. I imagine what he will do to me, I know the wait will be worthwhile.



Midweek vanilla…

‘Get on the floor, on all fours, face down on the carpet’

Needless to say I did as I was told, I know better than to argue. 

‘Now pull your arse cheeks apart, show me both your holes. I’ll choose which one to use tonight’

I am a lucky girl, he used my pussy fuck hole, let me cum on his cock. Then I got to suck, lick and wank his delicious big cock until he came. Mmmm in love to lick master clean, I love the taste of his seed. I lick it all up like a good girl, having master’s seed inside my body is so arousing. In fact any fluid, any hole and drinking his piss is a huge turn on too. My greedy pussy gets wet to think of master. 

It was vanilla, but it was Thursday and the early mornings don’t allow for late play times. 

I look forward to our weekends. X


Three little words…

Things have been tame lately, with the exception of the degrading double entry show I was instructed to perform for master a couple of nights ago. 

Last night I was a bit of a brat, moaning about this and that, being self centred and not paying master enough attention. Luckily my master is kind and understanding so at bedtime I was not punished, just instructed to suck his cock. Like a dumb sub I sighed, I was tired. 

Once again I had tried his patience, I was not beaten or abused for my bad behaviour. He simply said fine. 

The greedy fuck slut within me could not leave it at that, I knew that master would not forget this, he may punish me or worse, he may withhold his cock from me in the future. I could not bare the thought of that, no cock.

Master has helped me to accept that I am a greedy slut and that I do love cock, I love the taste, smell, the way it feels in my hand, mouth, in fact inside any of my holes. The thought of being denied his cock was too distressing, so I moved my hand down his body, I began to stroke and wank his beautiful big hard cock. 

Despite being tired, my greedy cunt became wet. I was about to move to suck it as he had previously instructed, but to my surprise he calmly but firmly whispered three little words. 

‘Open your legs’ 

You can’t imagine how that turned me on, but I knew it was not for my benefit. Master wanted to use his fuck hole, and use it he did. He fucked it hard and fast till he came. 

It was tame but so arousing. I love to be used by him, I am his possession, like a pair of shoes. 



Thoughts of the day…

My eyes are heavy and I need to rest, but sir says I must post before I go to sleep. I don’t want to disobey, I fear the punishment, I don’t want him to be disappointed in me. I like to keep sir happy, he looks even sexier when he is happy. I need his approval, to be his special girl. 

I saw him just over an hour ago, I miss him. I miss his smell and crave his touch, the touch that makes my greedy pussy wet and throb. 

I am hoping that I am Impressing him with the devotion I am trying to show, degrading myself for his pleasure, last nights show was degrading, double entry with what I could find. I do hope sir enjoyed it, I only wish I had been there to swallow his delicious cum. 

I love him deeply, he is mine and I am his, I belong to him, he owns me, everything is just as it should be. Tonight I will go to bed happy and dream sweet dreams xxx