Three little words…

Things have been tame lately, with the exception of the degrading double entry show I was instructed to perform for master a couple of nights ago. 

Last night I was a bit of a brat, moaning about this and that, being self centred and not paying master enough attention. Luckily my master is kind and understanding so at bedtime I was not punished, just instructed to suck his cock. Like a dumb sub I sighed, I was tired. 

Once again I had tried his patience, I was not beaten or abused for my bad behaviour. He simply said fine. 

The greedy fuck slut within me could not leave it at that, I knew that master would not forget this, he may punish me or worse, he may withhold his cock from me in the future. I could not bare the thought of that, no cock.

Master has helped me to accept that I am a greedy slut and that I do love cock, I love the taste, smell, the way it feels in my hand, mouth, in fact inside any of my holes. The thought of being denied his cock was too distressing, so I moved my hand down his body, I began to stroke and wank his beautiful big hard cock. 

Despite being tired, my greedy cunt became wet. I was about to move to suck it as he had previously instructed, but to my surprise he calmly but firmly whispered three little words. 

‘Open your legs’ 

You can’t imagine how that turned me on, but I knew it was not for my benefit. Master wanted to use his fuck hole, and use it he did. He fucked it hard and fast till he came. 

It was tame but so arousing. I love to be used by him, I am his possession, like a pair of shoes. 



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