Weekend treats…

A present from master, a very short school skirt, and a pair of thigh high pink boots. I am a lucky girl, he likes me to look nice for him. 

It was Saturday, he gave me so much attention. We arrived home and talked had a drink. Master appeared in the lounge wearing latex pants, his cock and balls out on display. He looked so sexy, my pussy throbbed. I was desperate for him to fuck me, I wanted to be abused.

I decided to change, I wore my new boots, stockings, long blonde wig etc, master loved my boots on. He always knows the best things to buy. I love it when he finds me sexy, he took me to the bedroom. 

I rode his cock for a while, master likes it when I squat over him and slowly slide up and down on his hard cock. It makes my pussy wet, it makes it ache the next day. I love it to ache the day after master has used me, reminds me of my place. Master told me that he was going to cum inside tonight, my cunt was aching for his seed. I orgasm hard. 

Master told me to lay on the bed, he went to the drawer and took out a butt plug. He knows I like double penetration. I like  the thought of it, and watching it, anal and vaginal or double vaginal. Of course he slipped it in and my greedy arsehole swallowed it up. It felt wonderful, then in went his fat cock, my god it felt amazing, I love to be full. I am a greedy fuck pig after all. 

Sir turned me over onto all fours and pounded away at my cunt till he came, using my fuckhole for his satisfaction. Except this time he came inside, it felt so wonderful, I felt so loved, the fact that he gave me his seed. I hope that one day master will find me worthy of breeding. 

I was still horny, luckily my master was too, I continued to play with his majestic cock, he ordered me to make him cum within three minutes. This was a pleasure, once again I licked him clean.

I love to drain master’s balls. 

Mmmmm his seed  in my cunt and in my mouth, and with my butt still plugged. 

Master is a gift, one that I treasure.



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