Midweek vanilla…

‘Get on the floor, on all fours, face down on the carpet’

Needless to say I did as I was told, I know better than to argue. 

‘Now pull your arse cheeks apart, show me both your holes. I’ll choose which one to use tonight’

I am a lucky girl, he used my pussy fuck hole, let me cum on his cock. Then I got to suck, lick and wank his delicious big cock until he came. Mmmm in love to lick master clean, I love the taste of his seed. I lick it all up like a good girl, having master’s seed inside my body is so arousing. In fact any fluid, any hole and drinking his piss is a huge turn on too. My greedy pussy gets wet to think of master. 

It was vanilla, but it was Thursday and the early mornings don’t allow for late play times. 

I look forward to our weekends. X


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