Addicted to him…

I am besotted with my master, I think of him constantly. I miss his presence, his smell, his touch.

I want to be his world, as he is mine. His control makes me feel safe. His voice calms me, it is gentle but firm, certain, it arouses me immensely.  

We talked on the phone tonight, I love hearing about his day, being part of his life. Although the slut within can not help but miss his beautiful cock. 

I want him to abuse my holes, use my body for his pleasure. I think about it and my greedy cunt gets wet, maybe if I am a good girl sir will let me cum. 

I think about being dressed as his school girl, taken to the woods and made to suck his deliciously hard cock, being bent over his car and fucked. I think of a recent afternoon trip to a huge hard wear store, he took me to the toilets, bent  me over the sink and fucked me hard, I moaned loudly, I didn’t care if people could hear, I wanted them to. Imagine how jealous women in the store would be hearing me climax. He came all over my arse. I loved walking round the store after, knowing I had serviced my master and people must have heard.  I felt degraded like a slut, I loved it. I like to be his special girl. 

We should have some playtime soon, I can’t wait. He excites me. Makes my pussy throb. Writing this makes me wetter. I desperately want to touch, but I will not. I must not cum without his permission, it’s not my pussy to play with, except on O day and that was yesterday. 

I will wait, I am frustrated. I imagine what he will do to me, I know the wait will be worthwhile.



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