I have not seen my master in eight long days. I miss him, I need him.

I miss his presence, hearing him breathing next to me, his smell, his attention. My pussy gets wet to think of him. I need to be used, what good is a sub with no master? What use is a pussy without someone to use it?

This feeling is worse than any spanking or punishment he could administer. I am desperate to be by his side, it’s where I belong. I have been so lost. An empty feeling inside, emotionally and physically. How I long to please him, look after him, be in his arms and roughly fucked. To be claimed as his.

My hungry cunt aches for him, I think of him and want to touch, to satisfy myself with something inside. I don’t, it is not mine to use, it belongs to him. I belong to him in every possible way. I have no idea when I will be at his side, I have an overwhelming urge to put my hands in my knickers and play, I am very wet, but I will be a good sub, I will wait patiently.



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