I Kitchen quickie…

Master came in, he always smells so wonderful. I wanted him so much. After dinner we went to the kitchen to clean up. Master is kind and often helps me, so that I can be with him sooner.

‘Show me your tits’

I am instantly aroused. Of course I lifted my top up, pulled my bra cups aside. He sucked my nipples first the right and then the left. It felt wonderful, I love it when he sucks hard.

I wanted him to use my hole, I pull down my trousers and knickers to try and tempt him. I need to be fucked hard.

‘Please Sir’

I am hopeful, he tells me to bend over. He thrusts inside me. It hurts. It’s been such a long time. It’s a wonderful hurt, I love it. He pounds my greedy, wet pussy over and over.

Then stops.

‘That’s all you’re getting’

‘Don’t you want to cum all over my arse sir’

Thankfully he does, once again I pull my trousers down, and bend over the kitchen side. He is brutal with his hard cock, I want to moan out loud and orgasm.

‘Come in the lounge’

I walk in with my knickers and trousers still down, I sit on the sofa, lean back and pull my legs over my head. He looks at my dirty fuck hole. Bang, in goes his cock, I want to cum. Once again he pounds my hole, it hurts so good and I just can’t get enough. I am such a greedy whore, addicted to my master. How I love it when he takes what he wants, just takes it, hard and strong.

He pulls his cock out, he cums all over my pussy. I thank him, he looks at my dirty cunt as he pulls up his trousers. He runs his finger along the cum and puts some in my mouth, it tastes delicious.

I tense my thighs as I pull up my knickers, I can feel his cum all over me, it really gets me off. I will think about it as I masterbate later, it is O day after all.

We return to the kitchen and tidy.

I can not wait to cum later. Soon I hope to orgasm for daddy.



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