Bdsm, Submissive

A good whipping…

Last night was full of drama and so  did not turn out as planned. I woke in his bed this morning. I had been disrespectful to my master.

He wakes and fingers my fuckhole. He climbs on top and fucks me,  I am as quiet as I can be, although it feels wonderful I am aware that this is not for my pleasure. I am merely a whore for him to use. I need him to own me, he comes all over my pussy and stomach. I don’t wipe it off as I think that would be like rejecting his gift.

A while later he cleans me up I lay there. Sir takes good care of his things. He gently cleans, opening my pussy to wipe. I enjoy his touch. 

We have a relaxing day, just being together.  Just before I have to leave sir takes my hand and puts it in his cock. I play with it. He pulls his trousers Down and I pull them off. I play with his cock, suck and kiss it. It tastes great! I want it.

‘You better sit on it’

I take off my knickers and slide on, it’s incredibly hard. I am feeling dirty, I need to be used. I need to be taught a lesson. I need to be punished. I need him.

I climb off of his cock and walk to the windows sit on the window sil. Open my legs and ask him to fuck me. The thought of fucking where people may see us gets me off, it’s daytime and we are on the ground floor. It’s a massive turn on. He stood and walked over to fuck my cumhole. I am naked and pressed up against the window in daylight with my master pounding his cock deep inside. I want to be seen. Sir stops and returns to the sofa. I follow and climb back onto his cock. I need more, I want dirty sex.

Sir orders me to go to the bedroom put on my piggy mask and my pink thigh high boots. He tells me ‘I am going to whip you until you cry’.

I need robe taught a lesson, I quickly put them on. He enters the bedroom and orders me to bend over. Sir fucks my cunt with a butt plug, spits on my arse and then plugs my butt, of course my greedy hole sucks it up. Then he Rams his cock into my cunt over and over.

A short while later he pulls out and reaches for the riding crop, he begins to beat my arse, hard. It really hurts, I thank him. It is kind of master to teach me a lesson, he hits hard to remind me of my place and punish me for being disrespectful. Being whipped with your butt plugged, whilst painful is very arousing.

Master stops as I am about to cry in pain, he puts the riding crop down and begins to fuck me again, he is fucking his hole hard. I really get turned on by double entry so enjoy having my but plugged while I am fucked. Master commands me to orgasm. I have a plugged butt, a vibrator on My clitoris and he is using his hole. I am degraded, I am a cum slut. Master removes his cock and puts it in my mouth. It’s wonderful Inlive to orgasm with a big cock in my mouth. I put the vibrator in my cunt and rub my clit till I orgasm, I needed that release so much.

‘Look in the mirror’

I do and I love  what I see. I am marked from my whipping, I am a lucky girl, my master had not only taught me a lesson to help me to be better, but he has marked me, like writing your name on Your belongings. Sir is very wise, he always knows what is best for me. I will not be disrespectful to him again.

I am his, once again he has claimed me.



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