Tempting master…

So, I had no work yesterday, instead of lunching with friends I decided to go to master’s house and clean for him. Master works very hard, I wanted him to come home from work and relax. I wanted to make him happy, to show him my devotion.

I love being at his house, it’s nice to be among his other belongings. I belong to him, he owns me too. I turn the key and walk in, it smells of him, I love it.

I try on the two new bodies sir brought for me, they feel sexy. I have been challenged to keep his cock hard today, he has ordered photographs throughout the day. I put on the first one, it’s black and Lacey with a string back. It feel sexy I send sir a picture. I am wet.

The next one is leather with a string back and zips on the nipples and crouch. It smells so good, I send three photographs, one full length, one of the zip open with my nipple out and finally one of my crouch with the zip open. I am very wet and my pussy of throbbing.

I change into my cleaning clothes. Master likes me to clean in a maids outfit. I send sir a picture of my holes. I want to tempt him. I want to drive him crazy with sexual frustration. A while later sir tells me he wants to see my wet cunt. I send another photograph, I explain that I am wearing my steel balls. I begin my chores, I am very aroused.

At lunchtime sir commands me to fuck myself with his things. I hunt around I send him a photograph of my cunt with his deodorant can inserted ‘oops look what I sat on sir’ his hairbrush handle next. I head to the kitchen, his shake goes in, next his yoghurt drink. I push it all the way in. I lay in the table in front of the window and FaceTime him. Eventually I lower the phone and open my legs. I show him the very top of the bottle just showing. I desperately need him to fuck me. He sends me a photograph of him holding his cock. I want it.

I finish cleaning and change my clothes I need to go out and run some errands. I can’t wait to get back to master later. By his side where I belong.

When I return he is home, he is pleased with me and enjoyed my pictures. I am going out later so I have to get showered. Sir has other plans, he fucks me first. It’s what’s needed. His big hard cock slamming inside my greedy cunt.

I can’t wait for him to pick me up and to get home later, I hope that he’ll use me again.



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