Bdsm, Submissive

Restraints and cuddles…

Things have been pretty quiet lately, very vanilla. I have been a little fragile and sir has been looking after me, although we have both been busy and I have not had much opportunity to see master, until this weekend that is. 

Last night I went to his, he cooked for me, I helped him when I arrived, we spent time chatting and cooking together. He maybe my master but he still knows how to give me romance and tenderness, and when I need it. The food was delicious, he knows me well and always knows just what I will like. I am a lucky girl. After we had eaten, I cleaned up while he relaxed. We spent a lot of the evening talking and just spending time together. It was lovely and he was very mellow. Being by his side is comforting, he makes me feel safe and his presence calms me. I sit by his side at his computer, I am happy. I could look at him forever. He is so handsome and I still find him as interesting and attractive as the day we got together. He manages to keep things new.

I told him that I was going to get ready for bed, I put on my wet look cat suit and pink thigh high boots. I didn’t feel as confident as I would normally, he seemed less impressed than usual. I felt stupid.   I wished I had just taken my makeup off instead and acually got ready to sleep.

We went to the bedroom and he kissed me, he meant business. He always does. He moved up by body and put his delicious cock in my mouth, he pushed it in hard. He  fucked my throat. It was wonderful. I was being owned again. Master was using me, I felt like maybe I was fit for purpose after all. 

I took off my catsuit, and kept my  boots on as instructed. He fucked me roughly. Suddenly he stopped and  pulled out the bed restraints, first my wrists, then my ankles. My legs were spread wide. I was helpless, it was wonderful! 

Oh, in slammed his solid cock. I love it. My master using his hole, using me, his cum whore. I love being owned by him, when he is deep inside I can feel his control, his superiority.  

He blindfolds me, my senses are hightened as he licks and spanks my greedy pussy and fucks me roughly with large dildos, stretching my fuckhole, breaking it in. It hurts, but in the most wonderful way. Then he Rams his cock inside and fucks me hard, over and over, I can’t help but moan. 

Master removes my restraints and I am allowed to ride him, God it feels good. Bouncing up and down on his cock, next I am licking it, sucking it and wanking it. I wanted his seed desperately. I ask him to fuck my arse and cum inside.

I am on all fours, master fucks my pussy for a few moments before pulling out and stuffing his big cock in my tight arse hole. It goes in, hurts but I love it, it’s dirty, and I am a slut. 

He pounds away at my arse, violating me. Fucking me harder and harder. It’s amazing. I cum and cum hard. Feeling  greedy (like the cumclut I am) I reached for one of the dildos master used on my cunt earlier and I force it in. Two holes filled a big dildo in my cunt ans his hard cock pumping in my arse over and over. Double entry I love it. Nice and full.

A while later I get to make him cum. I needed to. 

I love his seed, it’s a gift. A special thing just for us, something he shares with me, it’s one of the things that he only does with me. His special girl.

I went to sleep exhausted, but very happy in his arms.



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