Bdsm, Submissive

Deeper feelings…

Things have been a little different lately. Sir has surprised me in so many ways.

I had an accident. He dropped everything and looked after me. He held my hand through it all, cuddled me, kissed me better, dried my tears and sat up with me in the night when I was in pain.

He continues to look after me, patiently waiting for his toy to be fixed. He has been gentle and understanding, even turning a blind eye to my bratty behaviour at times.

I have never been showed such patience, love and kindness. I have never needed him so much. He has been there all the way, and continues to support me. My master takes good care of his things.

I can not wait to be fixed and able to fulfill my duties, it is frustrating. I must be patient and control my behaviour.

My feelings, my respect for him and appreciation of his guidance have deepened daily and continue to do so. I am a lucky girl to have such a wonderful owner.  I can not imagine my life without him, it would be empty.

I treasure him. I want to be his forever.

My master is the life of my life.



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