Bdsm, Submissive

Owned inside…

What a relief that he is home. I desperately missed master while he was away. I missed his presence, his scent, also the way that he both excites and calms me at the same time.

I wanted to just sit and look at him all evening, inhale him, just to take it all in. I loved being near him again, skin to skin.

His body is heaven and his  cock tasted divine. His cum delicious. My special milk from my master.

This morning he decided to take my pussy. I love to be used by him, that’s my purpose. That’s why he has me, for his pleasure. I love the feel of my master inside, the connection, and being owned internally. His cock felt especially hard, thick. He pounded away and we orgasmed together. It was what I needed so desperately. He came inside me. It was just wonderful, I squirm at the thought and my pussy throbs each time I think of it. I get wet.

Master left his seed inside. I have part of him I my body. Marking what belongs to him, using it as he sees fit. I feel owned inside and out. I like being owned by him.

He is a gift.



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