Bdsm, Submissive

One last present…

One last present, a box under sir’s tree, he has already spoiled me with gifts at Christmas. I opened it on new years eve. Filled with treats! 

As you can imagine not the usual treats. Inside there were new toys for his girl to play with, a vibrating butt plug, a huge dildo and a beautiful minx tail butt plug. He is so thoughtful.

Sir took me out, I love being out with him, I am so proud to be his. It was fun but I couldn’t wait to get home. We hadn’t had any proper alone time in ages, I was also excited to play with my new toys. 

We got home, sir didn’t disappoint, he never does. I was allowed to try the new butt plug on him. He used my huge dildo on me, stretching his fuckhole. It was amazing, he made me take it all. Sir fucked me, god he feels good inside. Double entry next, one huge dildo in my soaked pussy, and sir forces his big cock in too.It hurt like hell, but oh fuck it was good. 

I am a cock hungry, greedy whore that likes a full hole. It’s what he makes me, desperate for his approval, his attention, his love and his cock. I’d do anything for him. 

He came inside, wow. Later I was allowed to suck his cock whilst riding my dildo. I love a cock I my mouth while I have a full cunt. 

Yesterday I was so sore it hurt to sit down. Mmmm,  a reminder of being well used. I can’t wait to try out my tail. Writing this makes me wet. I am glad it’s o day.
Happy new year.



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