Bdsm, Submissive

A deeper feeling…

He is my Dom, people would judge.  

How many people would really understand?

 Although, it’s sad that they don’t, not sd for me, sad for them. How could they possibly understand how it feels ? I am lucky, I have found someone that I am completely comfortable with, I can be myself. He knows my faults, he doesn’t use them against me, he helps me to over come my fears, he builds me up, gives me his support. He helps me to grow, he is attentive and knows everything about me.  I have no secrets from him, we keep secrets together. He understands my gears and insecurities, he gives me confidence. He tells me his opinions, yet takes the time to gently listen to mine. He offers me guidance and wisdom. When I feel weak  he gives me strength and self belief. My happiness is a priority. He knows every part of me inside and out.  I don’t have to be embarrassed about my body, after all it’s his. 

How many people have a best friend that’s also their lover, or a sex god that’s also a soul mate? 

I do, because I am owned. 

Tell me, is that so hard to understand? 


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