Bdsm, Submissive

Thank you for day two…

It’s day two, my second ‘O’ day in a row. It’s so wonderful to orgasm every day. I am so pleased that master instructed me to do this. Although I am enjoying it immensely, I know it is ultimately for his pleasure. Sir knows his greedy slut well. 

My desperation for his attention is heightened, not only because my pussy becomes hungrier the more it is used, but also because he cut our text conversation short. He does that sometimes, usually when he is tired, it makes me feel sad. Then I remember that his needs come first, that I am being a selfish brat, the moment passes and  my thoughts immediately return turn to his well being. 

Master works too hard. At the weekend I will look after him and help him to relax. I need to help him to escape daily stresses, maybe his legs in stockings will relax him. I will be ready for him to use. I love it when he takes his frustration out on my body. 

I am horny. It’s only day two. He knows exactly what he is doing to me, and I love it. I will be begging to be fucked by the weekend. 

Do you think I can last that long? 



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