The importance of obedience…

There are times when my master tells me that I am ‘being bratty’. This usually happens when I am being disobedient, and displeases master. 

It is important for a sub to obey her Dom for many reasons, after all how can you make decisions and guide someone that does not do as she is told. A D/s relationship is based entirely on the Don being in control, it’s a huge responsibility. Not only does a Dom have to make tough choices but he also has to look after the well being of his sub, his most treasured possession.

Obeying my master is a way that I can show respect and devotion, after all if I don’t respect his choices in life how can I completely submit to him? After all it’s a natural thing for the man to be in control isn’t it? It’s not a new idea, in fact it’s quite old fashioned. What were the traditional marriage vows? Love honour and obey! 
Submitting and respecting his wishes sexually is the easy part. I happily give my body to him to do with as he pleases. My holes are actually his, to use as he pleases, when he sees fit. He may inspect my body when ever he sees fit. I belong to him and he can do as he wishes with me. As for everything else, I have to trust him and hope that he will always have my best interests at the centre of his decisions. It is this trust that enables me to obey.

Like I said when I am ‘bratty’ master is displeased, he views disobedience as bad behaviour. As you can imagine displeasing master carries consequences, the severity of my punishment is determined by how badly I have behaved. I am grateful l that he takes the time to correct my behaviour and gives my punishment careful consideration, whether it’s O day denial, forced orgasms, standing in the corner, degradation, spanking by hand or crop, an enema or the most distressing of all, an unhappy Dom. I don’t like to make him unhappy. 

I love my master deeply and want to make him happy and proud, for him to treasure me, look after me. I must be obedient and live by his decisions, if I don’t I am sure he could easily find someone else that will. I couldn’t stand that. I will try hard each day to listen carefully to him and show him devotion by doing as I am told. He is a wise man and I am so lucky to have him in my life, my purpose is to serve him and make him happy. 



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