I just give up …


Deeper consideration…

When sir comes to my family’s house I know he does it for me, just as I do for him. The difference is that I have to go with him as it is what he wants me to do. Over time I have formed relationships with his family and I do enjoy their company, I could actually go so far as to say I like being part of their family. I hope that I am, as I live them dearly. He doesn’t have to come to mine, I do tell him that of course I respect his decision of he chooses not to come. But he does. I appreciate it.

I am not sure that he feels the same love for my family as I do for his, but he spends time with them for me, because he loves me, and that’s enough.

He is giving and kind. I love that he makes so much effort, despite being a Dom, he knows me so well and cares that I am happy. That’s why I can trust him, and rely on him.

My Dom, my world, the love of my life.



Time to reset…

Things have been a little off for some time, Sir and I have struggled to have time alone together and it has taken its toll. I have been feeling very lost and pretty lonely. I have had doubts about our future and felt very insecure.

I have to say that it hasn’t been all bad, Christmas was lovely and we had lots of time together, but we were somehow a little ‘off’. The normal boundaries of our relationship were disappearing as was the spark. If I am honest I was beginning to think that things had run their course and this next chapter would end with Sir finding someone else, loving them instead of me. It was like I used to be the ‘prized’ possession, the special thing that he owned, by somehow I had become just another belonging.

I tried to address this and I tried to make things right but it just seemed impossible, I felt like everything I tried just make the distance between us even greater. Despite the loving him deeply it seemed as though I just couldn’t make him happy, not happy like before, he didn’t look at me the same and didn’t seem to have that want for me, nor I for him. any romantic gestures seemed to paper over the cracks but not fix them.

This week we were lucky enough to get away, just for one night, but sir took me to a really beautiful place away from all our stresses and worries. It was wonderful and I can’t tell you how brilliant it was for us to have some time back in our bubble. I had missed it so much. Obviously there was plenty of sex, was good to be able to let go, although I am not sure that I really excite him like I used to.

I am hoping that this time together will help us to get things back on track, back to where we used to be. I love him with all my heart and crave his attention, and time. I desperately need him to own me like before, to belong to him again, I need him to crave me like before, to be proud of me and to be his most favourite possession.

He is the most wonderful man I have ever known and I can not bare to think of a life without him.

My Master, my love, my world.



The wonder of you…

You text me,

And I feel wanted,  

You call me, 

And I feel excited, 

You shop with me, 

And I feel spoiled.
You look at me, 

and I feel desired,

You smile at me, 

And I feel happy.

You say my name, 

And I love the sound.
You hold my hand, 

And I feel calm,

You touch me, 

And I feel excited,

You ask me a question, 

And I feel like I matter.
You laugh with me, 

And I feel happy,

You brush my hair, 

And I feel special,

You listen to my worries, 

And take them away.
You sit beside me, 

And I feel I belong, 

You perv over me, 

And I feel sexy,

You spank me

And I feel grateful.
You touch me, 

And I feel a tingle,

You kiss me, 

And I feel weak at the knees,

You fuck me, 

And I feel full.
You punish me, 

And I feel owned,

You say you love me, 

And I feel loved,

You breathe next to me, 

And I feel whole.
You use me,

And I feel owned, 

You chose me,

And I feel proud,

You stay with me, 

And I feel safe, 

You hold me close, 

And I am complete.
You say you’re proud, 

And I feel honoured, just to be yours. 

I love you sir xxx

Bdsm, Submissive

How do I? 

How do I show my Dom just how much I love him? How can I possibly show my devotion, respect and love. 

It’s hard to feel so deeply for someone and not have the first idea how to make them see it. I am totally head over heels in love with him. I just worry that he doesn’t know just how important he is to me and. How much I love and respect him. How much I appreciate his attention and affection, as well as the spankings of course. 

He is my soulmate and I am so lucky that he has taken me as his possession. I could burst ! I thought writing on here might help to get it out, but sadly not as it’s him that I want to know. I just wish he could be in my mind and heart for just one minute to see how much he makes my life better and how much I love and respect him. 

My darling Dom that I just worship and adore, the love of my life. 

Tonight I will count my blessings and dream of seeing him tomorrow. To smell him, breathe the same air and be by his side, where I belong.