Be careful who you submit to, because it will hurt like hell sometimes.



I Kitchen quickie…

Master came in, he always smells so wonderful. I wanted him so much. After dinner we went to the kitchen to clean up. Master is kind and often helps me, so that I can be with him sooner.

‘Show me your tits’

I am instantly aroused. Of course I lifted my top up, pulled my bra cups aside. He sucked my nipples first the right and then the left. It felt wonderful, I love it when he sucks hard.

I wanted him to use my hole, I pull down my trousers and knickers to try and tempt him. I need to be fucked hard.

‘Please Sir’

I am hopeful, he tells me to bend over. He thrusts inside me. It hurts. It’s been such a long time. It’s a wonderful hurt, I love it. He pounds my greedy, wet pussy over and over.

Then stops.

‘That’s all you’re getting’

‘Don’t you want to cum all over my arse sir’

Thankfully he does, once again I pull my trousers down, and bend over the kitchen side. He is brutal with his hard cock, I want to moan out loud and orgasm.

‘Come in the lounge’

I walk in with my knickers and trousers still down, I sit on the sofa, lean back and pull my legs over my head. He looks at my dirty fuck hole. Bang, in goes his cock, I want to cum. Once again he pounds my hole, it hurts so good and I just can’t get enough. I am such a greedy whore, addicted to my master. How I love it when he takes what he wants, just takes it, hard and strong.

He pulls his cock out, he cums all over my pussy. I thank him, he looks at my dirty cunt as he pulls up his trousers. He runs his finger along the cum and puts some in my mouth, it tastes delicious.

I tense my thighs as I pull up my knickers, I can feel his cum all over me, it really gets me off. I will think about it as I masterbate later, it is O day after all.

We return to the kitchen and tidy.

I can not wait to cum later. Soon I hope to orgasm for daddy.



What does it all mean? 

Being submissive, what does it mean? I am sure the answer must vary from person to person. I can only give my own opinion, and express my interpretation. I am no expert, and am fairly new to the submissive lifestyle, but I feel I have learned a few things. 

I know that a lot of my friends and family would not understand the choice I have made. They would think he is a control freak, that I had been brain washed, that our relationship was perverse, a negative thing. They would find that I see him as my master and owner shocking. They would not understand that I could be happy. They would see it as unusual or weird, something unhealthy. 

I would have to disagree, for many years men and women’s roles with in marriage were of a Dom/sub nature. The man as the decision maker and the woman devoted to her husband and happy to cherish and serve him. Maybe I am old fashioned, I like to serve my man, make him happy, for him to desire me, and have him look after me in return.

For a lot of people being submissive is a purely sexual thing and no more. A lot of people see it as whips and chains and slightly taboo. That is wonderful and I love to be sexually submissive, it really gets me off! But there is more to it. To me being submissive means something else, it’s giving my whole self to my partner, trusting him with my life and living by the belief that he will always do right by me. Allowing him to become my master, to give myself freely to him and allow him to own me, and do as he pleases with me. It’s knowing that he is wise and will guide me to develop into the best that I can be, he will help me to reach my full potential. It’s living by his will and devoting my life to him.

In order for our relationship to work, and for sir to take ownership of me we have to trust each other completely. We have to be open and honest about all things, I have never before experienced such feeling of trust or had such an honest relationship. It was  little embarrassing at first but I soon felt that I had no reason to be embarrassed, he loved me. How wonderful to have a man in Your life that takes the time to really know you. He knows everything about me. How can a master guide and make choices in your best interests without knowing your feelings? A good master does not set out to hurt his sub or cause her distress ever. He treasures his possession and nurtures it. He sees it as his responsibility to look after her, after all for someone to give themselves to you is a privilege. 

I am still learning, but I already know that I love belonging to my master, it brings me pleasure to make him proud, I love it when he shows me off to people. Part of submission is living by masters will, when I step out of line master will administer a suitable punishment. I know that this is for my own good and will thank him for it. A correction,  helping to remind me of my place and to learn from my mistakes. If I stray from the rules I could jeopardise what we have. If I do not respect his decisions how can he mould me. I want to be moulded to be his perfect woman. 

As a sub, I happily accept that along with the rest of me my body belongs to him. I do not modify my body in any way without his permission. I am his to use when ever and how ever he chooses, for his pleasure. He has the right to inspect my body and alter it as he pleases. I need to take on the physical appearance that he will enjoy looking at and find attractive. He will make my decisions and I will live by his choices, I will serve him and make him happy. He must be my priority.

What do I get out of all this? 

I am already a better person, my future is brighter, I am cared for, looked after and loved. With master’s guidance I have learned many things about myself, including that I am a dirty cum whore, and it’s ok. I am very sexually fulfilled I get to spend my life with the man of my dreams. He is everything that I need.

I am happy.



I must remain patient…

Finally I saw him. It was wonderful to have him near me, to smell him, to feel his presence and to sit on his lap when we were out. 

As soon as I laid eyes on him I became wet, I wanted to be naked. I wanted to make him want me as much as I needed him. I want to flash him my wet cunt, the thought turns me on even more. I am a slut and I like to flash him in public. My sexual frustration continues to grow. 

We return home and he gives me a present. I am a lucky girl, my master likes me to have nice things. Pink latex knickers. He instructs me to go as put them on. I did without question. They felt wonderful, my hungry wet pussy slides against them. 

We eat and once we were alone he lets me touch his cock. Master letsme smell it, I am desperate to taste it, lick it had have it deep on my throat. My cunt is throbbing, like it is begging to be filled. I need something inside, I have been empty for such along time. 

Master pulls my rubber panties to one side. My cunt is soaking. His touch is amazing and I cum almost instantly. He fingers me roughly for a moment. I want more. I beg him to fuck me. He refuses. He allows me to play with his beautiful cock. It’s wonderful, it’s so hard and I can smell it. Oh fuck, how I wanted to take my trousers and knickers off and ride it. I continue to play with his cock, my knickers are slippery, I love it. Master pushes my head down and allows me to suck his cock for a moment. Then back to playing, the shaft so hard. I need it. 

Master cums and allows me to clean him with my tongue, as usual it tastes delicious. I am desperate to be abused, for him to use my greedy hole. I try to tempt him, but he is strong willed and does not give in, he knows me too well and knows what I am doing. 

I cried when he was leaving, I miss him so much, I couldn’t hold it in. He was kind and cuddled me till I stopped. He allowed me to masterbate, a gift. Enough to show his kindness and allow me some release, but to keep me desperate for his cock.

I must control my frustration and continue to wait patiently.




I have not seen my master in eight long days. I miss him, I need him.

I miss his presence, hearing him breathing next to me, his smell, his attention. My pussy gets wet to think of him. I need to be used, what good is a sub with no master? What use is a pussy without someone to use it?

This feeling is worse than any spanking or punishment he could administer. I am desperate to be by his side, it’s where I belong. I have been so lost. An empty feeling inside, emotionally and physically. How I long to please him, look after him, be in his arms and roughly fucked. To be claimed as his.

My hungry cunt aches for him, I think of him and want to touch, to satisfy myself with something inside. I don’t, it is not mine to use, it belongs to him. I belong to him in every possible way. I have no idea when I will be at his side, I have an overwhelming urge to put my hands in my knickers and play, I am very wet, but I will be a good sub, I will wait patiently.



A weekend of uncertainty…

Recently I have felt so close to sir, so loved, wanted and safe. Today I am just not sure, I feel lost. It’s been three days since I heard his voice, except when we argued last night. It was better before, I knew my place and felt like I belonged there. 

It’s hard to submit to someone that is not with you all the time. When you don’t see them you feel lost, it’s hard to keep that balance of being devoted to them and submissive, but being able to stand on your own two feet. 

I have read other blogs in the  hope of finding the answer. I am still looking. Needless to say master and I are at odds. Not sure what the future holds or if I am still his. I will probably be accused of creating  drama. It would seem that Submissives  are not allowed to doubt, be negative, worry or basically feel or express any emotion. At the same time we are supposed to be open and honest, I don’t understand how that works. Am I to become a numb, brainless, robot? And how do you let yourself go and become 100% dependant, but remain independent for the times that your Dom is not around? My search for the answers continues, and tonight once again I retire with a heavy heart. 



Flashing pussy and Lacey socks… 

So what a wonderful weekend with Master.

I arrived at his on Saturday, late afternoon, desperate for his attention, butterflies in my stomach (I always get them when I am to be on his company) and a pussy wet and aching for his physical presence.

He kisses me, instantly calming my butterflies, making my pussy throb, his touch… How does a person have that power over another? There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, I love him deeply and crave his touch, his approval. I want to make him happy. His tongue consumes my mouth, his hands slips into my knickers, his fingers touch my aching pussy. I get even wetter.

Take me, I need you sir. ‘Please fuck me sir, I need it, please sir’

He allows me to taste him. Eventually I am allowed to ride his hot hard cock. It’s amazing. I do t want to stop, or go out. I want to stay home and be his fuck toy instead.

Sir orders me to get ready to go out. Tells me I am to wear a skirt, and forbidden to wear knickers. He wears my knickers instead. His hard cock looks unbelievably hot, restrained by my tiny thong, pre cum making the end shine ( I am desperate to lick it).

I dress and we leave for the evening. We find our seats and I have this perverse urge to be naked from the waist down. Master flicks my pussy a couple of times whilst driving. I just want to pull my dress up, put my feet on the dashboard and masterbate till I cum. I feel so horny, I want to be a cum whore. I think he knows what he is doing to me.

He parks the car, as I get out I make sure I flash my wet pussy to him, I need him to want me. He takes a photograph. I love it and revel in his attention, I want him to fuck me there and then.

We take our seats, there are people sitting all around us, while we are sitting there he squeezes my thighs and occasionally fingers my soaking pussy, I want more two, three, four fingers,to ride his fist, I want to moan and cum.I want to unzip his trousers and ride his big cock there and then, have his cum all over my pussy, I do t care that we are in public, I need to service my owner.

I love it, I can’t wait to get home, if we make it that far. I am literally desperate for sir to fuck me roughly.