Bdsm, Submissive

Thank you for day two…

It’s day two, my second ‘O’ day in a row. It’s so wonderful to orgasm every day. I am so pleased that master instructed me to do this. Although I am enjoying it immensely, I know it is ultimately for his pleasure. Sir knows his greedy slut well. 

My desperation for his attention is heightened, not only because my pussy becomes hungrier the more it is used, but also because he cut our text conversation short. He does that sometimes, usually when he is tired, it makes me feel sad. Then I remember that his needs come first, that I am being a selfish brat, the moment passes and  my thoughts immediately return turn to his well being. 

Master works too hard. At the weekend I will look after him and help him to relax. I need to help him to escape daily stresses, maybe his legs in stockings will relax him. I will be ready for him to use. I love it when he takes his frustration out on my body. 

I am horny. It’s only day two. He knows exactly what he is doing to me, and I love it. I will be begging to be fucked by the weekend. 

Do you think I can last that long? 


Bdsm, Submissive

One down, four to go…

Tuesday is ‘O’ day for me, but not this week. 

This week everyday is ‘O’ day,  Master has instructed me to orgasm everyday. His plan is to make sure that I am feeling very sexy for the weekend. He always knows best, so of course like a good little sub I will be doing as I am told. 

I am looking forward to it, the greedy slut inside me can’t wait to cum over and over this week. However the downside to being a greedy cum slut is that the more you have, the more you want, and I want it! 

I think I will be feeling very aroused all week. I can’t wait to be where I belong at Sir’s side this weekend, I can’t wait to be used. I wonder how I’ll feel as the week goes on? 



Weekend blues…

Sunday is always a day of mixed emotions. Having enjoyed another weekend with my wonderful master, I feel happy and content. 

Sir usually eats at mine in a Sunday, it’s lovely having him here, I love to look after him. But then he has to leave. 

I hate it, how I long to be by his side again, to feel him near me, too breathe the same air. My bed feels empty. I miss him. I need his touch. 

I will wait patiently, as I know that if I am good, I will be rewarded. 


Bdsm, Submissive

A deeper feeling…

He is my Dom, people would judge.  

How many people would really understand?

 Although, it’s sad that they don’t, not sd for me, sad for them. How could they possibly understand how it feels ? I am lucky, I have found someone that I am completely comfortable with, I can be myself. He knows my faults, he doesn’t use them against me, he helps me to over come my fears, he builds me up, gives me his support. He helps me to grow, he is attentive and knows everything about me.  I have no secrets from him, we keep secrets together. He understands my gears and insecurities, he gives me confidence. He tells me his opinions, yet takes the time to gently listen to mine. He offers me guidance and wisdom. When I feel weak  he gives me strength and self belief. My happiness is a priority. He knows every part of me inside and out.  I don’t have to be embarrassed about my body, after all it’s his. 

How many people have a best friend that’s also their lover, or a sex god that’s also a soul mate? 

I do, because I am owned. 

Tell me, is that so hard to understand? 

Bdsm, Submissive

Saturday morning…

It’s been a while, I fell asleep in Master’s bed after a good fucking on Friday night and woke happily in his arms on Saturday morning. He had to go to work for a little while, I was to stay at home and wait for him. I could not just sit and do nothing when he is working so hard. I got up and changed from my beautiful silk nightie into my work clothes.

I haven’t worn my maid outfit in a long time, frilly white knickers, suspenders and stockings underneath. I applied heavy make up and chose a blonde wig. My new black and pink shoes are so pretty it was great to put them on. It’s been ages since I wore my work clothes. They felt wonderful, sexy. 

I set to work tidying, cleaning and washing. I love to clean for sir. Chores is one of the things that I am good at. That and sex, so mater tells me. 

Master was very pleased when he returned, he became instantly aroused. I love it when I can do that to him. He may have the control but who has the power? 

He kisses me and touched my pussy, it’s so good to feel him way if me. His cock was so hard.

‘Please fuck me sir, please. I need it’ I was desperate. 

Master is kind, he bent me over the sofa, pulled down my knickers and fucked me roughly. I needed it badly! Suddenly he stops, gets my huge dildo, lays me on the floor and fucks me with it. My orgasm was so intense I actually thought I would piss myself. I think he may have liked that, his desperate sub pissing herself on the lounge floor.

‘May I dress you sir?’

Something that you don’t know, (well until now) is that master likes to cross dress occasionally. I like to do his make up and help him to get ready. He agrees, we go to the bedroom I plug his butt and I make him look pretty. His lips look delicious with lipstick, his legs although very masculine look amazing in stockings. I fancy him, it’s nice to have a bit of girlie time. 

Back to the lounge, I change into a more suitable dress, and I torture his sissy hole. First with fingers and vibrators, and then I milk his prostrate, he is so horny.

‘Fuck me please, fuck me with your big strap on’

I am happy to oblige, my strap on is great, one dildo inside me and one to punish sir’s sissy hole. We go to the bedroom and I set to work, I fuck his hole while he moans and I cum again and then cage his cock and milk him some more. He loves it, but he is a dirty sissy.

After releasing him from his cage sir wants to fuck me. It’s so good to kiss my pretty domme, he looks sexy and it’s nice to kiss his made up face while I ride his hard cock. 

I can not believe the amount he came, I love to milk him. 

Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. I wonder if may doms cross dress?

Bdsm, Submissive

One last present…

One last present, a box under sir’s tree, he has already spoiled me with gifts at Christmas. I opened it on new years eve. Filled with treats! 

As you can imagine not the usual treats. Inside there were new toys for his girl to play with, a vibrating butt plug, a huge dildo and a beautiful minx tail butt plug. He is so thoughtful.

Sir took me out, I love being out with him, I am so proud to be his. It was fun but I couldn’t wait to get home. We hadn’t had any proper alone time in ages, I was also excited to play with my new toys. 

We got home, sir didn’t disappoint, he never does. I was allowed to try the new butt plug on him. He used my huge dildo on me, stretching his fuckhole. It was amazing, he made me take it all. Sir fucked me, god he feels good inside. Double entry next, one huge dildo in my soaked pussy, and sir forces his big cock in too.It hurt like hell, but oh fuck it was good. 

I am a cock hungry, greedy whore that likes a full hole. It’s what he makes me, desperate for his approval, his attention, his love and his cock. I’d do anything for him. 

He came inside, wow. Later I was allowed to suck his cock whilst riding my dildo. I love a cock I my mouth while I have a full cunt. 

Yesterday I was so sore it hurt to sit down. Mmmm,  a reminder of being well used. I can’t wait to try out my tail. Writing this makes me wet. I am glad it’s o day.
Happy new year.


Bdsm, Submissive

Smacked bottom…

That’ll teach me. Sir was In the kitchen, he was bent over. I crept up behind and slapped his bottom. It was a cheeky slap. He stopped dead. Turned to look at me. 

Oh shit! He was cross. 

Before I could move, he  literally whipped my trousers and knickers down, forced me over and smacked my bottom. It was so hard, two slaps to each cheek and they were burning. My bottom was purple, broken blood vessels. 

Poor sir. How it must have hurt his palm, how grateful I am that he took the time to correct my behaviour. 

He is selfless. My bottom was sore. It was wonderful. 

I am a lucky girl