Bdsm, Submissive

An average weekend…

An average weekend, well it wasn’t. It was better. Master stayed at my house during the week and of course he used my holes, but playtime has been lacking lately. Things have just been too busy. 

Saturday morning I got up early like a good girl as I had promised to get to masters house before he went to work. I do chores on a Saturday morning. I got there just in time. 

I walked into the kitchen and removed my clothes. He kissed me and fingered my pussy. I went to the bedroom and managed to tempt him to use my holes briefly before he left. I was desperate for him. He kissed me goodbye and left, he was late. I wanted his cum but there was no time. 

I went to the window, naked and flashed him as he drive away.  I carefully too my collar from the drawer and put it on, then I found my harness, I couldn’t wait to get it on. It felt wonderful. I clamped my nipples and clit. I live my clit clamp it looks so pretty, master brought it for me. 

I began to clean, I was soaked, I thought it was time to tempt master so I sent him a photograph. Then I put in my normal cleaning outfit over the top, it’s a maids outfit. I needed something else, so I put my metal balls inside, they felt nice as I moved around. 

Jobs completed and sir returned to find me kneeling in the doorway, he kissed me it was wonderful. Then he took a present from a carrier bag, a kong dog toy and a dog bowl. I followed him to the kitchen. 

I am sure you can imagine what happened next my eggs were served in the bowl on the floor which I was instructed to eat after he played with my holes and gave me some piss to drink. 

He used me over and over, punished me with the belt that I had left out for him, gaged me, abused and fucked me till he had cum three times. It was just what I needed. Masks, and kink. He is so clever, he always knows what I need and what to do. He knows best. 

Eventually he cuddled me and gave me love , he allowed me to play with him which led to another two orgasms for him and two more for me. I am so spoilt! He looks after me. 

What a wonderful start to the weekend, in the afternoon we spent time together shopping and just being next to each other. I feel at my best when I am by his side. It’s where I belong. 

We spent the rest of the weekend together, I live just breathing the same air as him. I love and crave his attention. I need him. Never before have I wanted a man like this or loved a man so deeply. 

What a wonderful weekend, I belong to him, he owns me, everything is as it should be.


Bdsm, Submissive

I need him…

As the weekend draws to a close I am thinking about my master. I miss him terribly. I have had such a lovely time with him that I didn’t want it to end when he went home earlier. 

Yesterday he picked me up, he had ordered me to be masterbating when he arrived, of course I happily obliged. I was so desperate to please him, he licked my pussy and let me smell his delicious cock and suck it a little. Eventually I managed to tempt him enough so that he pounded my greedy pussy for a while. He didn’t cum, he stopped. That made me even more desperate.

We went out and I got to be exactly where I belong, by his side. I feel so proud when we are out together and he holds my hand tight. It makes me feel so special. My knickers were wet all day.

We got back to his in the early evening and he cooked for me, he spoils me. I love it when he looks after me, he takes good care of his things. Finally bedtime, it was late, we had been busy. Master ordered me to change my tights for my slut tights. These are literally tights with slut written all over them. Once again he made me masterbate, then he pounded away eventually flooding my pussy with delicious cum. I love it, I rubbed it all in, fucking myself with a huge dildo while sir watched. I came hard. 

This morning I was spoiled again, he let me suck and kiss his cock, then sit on it. My pussy was very sore from last night, it hurt in the best possible way. I came, it was hit a good thing as I hadn’t asked permission and he hadn’t instructed me to. I got carried away. He was cross. 

I sat in his face, master likes a dirty pussy. I sucked his cock and pushed it deep when he came. Mmmm breakfast.

I was punished for my earlier mistake, he hit me so hard with the crop the mark turned purple instantly. I thanked him. I was sorry, he shouldn’t have to waste his time correcting my poor behaviour. 

I thought of him while I rubbed tonight. I just need him all the time.


Bdsm, Submissive

And on the third day…

Tonight was good,  master has been telling me how much he is looking forward to the weekend. This makes me feel a little pressured to perform, but like a good girl I will not shy away for the challenge. I want to please him, to make him happy, and be wanted and desired in return.

I have been thinking of things that I would like to do. I would like master to call me for a home visit, maybe a nurse or call girl. I could arrive suitably dressed of course. If I were a nurse I could give him a thorough examination, milk him and relive his stress. If I were a call girl I could arrive and be used, it would be nice to acknowledge the greedy cum whore within. I would do anything he wanted, after all he would be paying.

I wonder if sir would enjoy that? 

I like the thought of servicing my master, makes my pussy wet. Now I must cum as instructed, masterbating is all well and good but a sub needs to be used. I need him. 

All good things come to those that wait. I must be patient.


Bdsm, Submissive

One down, four to go…

Tuesday is ‘O’ day for me, but not this week. 

This week everyday is ‘O’ day,  Master has instructed me to orgasm everyday. His plan is to make sure that I am feeling very sexy for the weekend. He always knows best, so of course like a good little sub I will be doing as I am told. 

I am looking forward to it, the greedy slut inside me can’t wait to cum over and over this week. However the downside to being a greedy cum slut is that the more you have, the more you want, and I want it! 

I think I will be feeling very aroused all week. I can’t wait to be where I belong at Sir’s side this weekend, I can’t wait to be used. I wonder how I’ll feel as the week goes on? 



I Kitchen quickie…

Master came in, he always smells so wonderful. I wanted him so much. After dinner we went to the kitchen to clean up. Master is kind and often helps me, so that I can be with him sooner.

‘Show me your tits’

I am instantly aroused. Of course I lifted my top up, pulled my bra cups aside. He sucked my nipples first the right and then the left. It felt wonderful, I love it when he sucks hard.

I wanted him to use my hole, I pull down my trousers and knickers to try and tempt him. I need to be fucked hard.

‘Please Sir’

I am hopeful, he tells me to bend over. He thrusts inside me. It hurts. It’s been such a long time. It’s a wonderful hurt, I love it. He pounds my greedy, wet pussy over and over.

Then stops.

‘That’s all you’re getting’

‘Don’t you want to cum all over my arse sir’

Thankfully he does, once again I pull my trousers down, and bend over the kitchen side. He is brutal with his hard cock, I want to moan out loud and orgasm.

‘Come in the lounge’

I walk in with my knickers and trousers still down, I sit on the sofa, lean back and pull my legs over my head. He looks at my dirty fuck hole. Bang, in goes his cock, I want to cum. Once again he pounds my hole, it hurts so good and I just can’t get enough. I am such a greedy whore, addicted to my master. How I love it when he takes what he wants, just takes it, hard and strong.

He pulls his cock out, he cums all over my pussy. I thank him, he looks at my dirty cunt as he pulls up his trousers. He runs his finger along the cum and puts some in my mouth, it tastes delicious.

I tense my thighs as I pull up my knickers, I can feel his cum all over me, it really gets me off. I will think about it as I masterbate later, it is O day after all.

We return to the kitchen and tidy.

I can not wait to cum later. Soon I hope to orgasm for daddy.



Flashing pussy and Lacey socks… 

So what a wonderful weekend with Master.

I arrived at his on Saturday, late afternoon, desperate for his attention, butterflies in my stomach (I always get them when I am to be on his company) and a pussy wet and aching for his physical presence.

He kisses me, instantly calming my butterflies, making my pussy throb, his touch… How does a person have that power over another? There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him, I love him deeply and crave his touch, his approval. I want to make him happy. His tongue consumes my mouth, his hands slips into my knickers, his fingers touch my aching pussy. I get even wetter.

Take me, I need you sir. ‘Please fuck me sir, I need it, please sir’

He allows me to taste him. Eventually I am allowed to ride his hot hard cock. It’s amazing. I do t want to stop, or go out. I want to stay home and be his fuck toy instead.

Sir orders me to get ready to go out. Tells me I am to wear a skirt, and forbidden to wear knickers. He wears my knickers instead. His hard cock looks unbelievably hot, restrained by my tiny thong, pre cum making the end shine ( I am desperate to lick it).

I dress and we leave for the evening. We find our seats and I have this perverse urge to be naked from the waist down. Master flicks my pussy a couple of times whilst driving. I just want to pull my dress up, put my feet on the dashboard and masterbate till I cum. I feel so horny, I want to be a cum whore. I think he knows what he is doing to me.

He parks the car, as I get out I make sure I flash my wet pussy to him, I need him to want me. He takes a photograph. I love it and revel in his attention, I want him to fuck me there and then.

We take our seats, there are people sitting all around us, while we are sitting there he squeezes my thighs and occasionally fingers my soaking pussy, I want more two, three, four fingers,to ride his fist, I want to moan and cum.I want to unzip his trousers and ride his big cock there and then, have his cum all over my pussy, I do t care that we are in public, I need to service my owner.

I love it, I can’t wait to get home, if we make it that far. I am literally desperate for sir to fuck me roughly.