Bdsm, Submissive


It’s been a while, things a have been… I’m not really sure how they have been. Sir and I have been distant, I have had doubts about his feelings for me. I began to think that maybe he was bored of me and that our time together was coming to an end. I felt like had nothing left to offer him, nothing new, nothing worth wanting. I still loved him but we just couldn’t be the way we were.

This weekend I was feeling in a rut and we were bickering all the time. I was bored and feeling very inadequate as a girlfriend, mother, daughter, as a person. I was feeling pretty worthless. 

I have no idea how my darling man did it,but he did somehow he just makes everything better. He changed things. He gave me a reality check, he made me see how I was making all of us unhappy. I knew I had to take action, rekindle that spark that was dying. After all I need to be his possession, his obsession. I need him to want and love me.

So, today I went to clean his home. I clean for him once a week. It’s was after work and I was feeling f a lot happier after he fucked me yesterday. So I dressed up in my uniform to clean. 

He was still at work so I decided to send him a couple of suggestive photographs (one of my footwear). Hinting, hopefully tempting him to want me. Just like I used to do. He liked them. This spurred me on. 

So I posed for a couple of ‘porn style shots’, to print out and made sure my knickers were suitably wet before  leaving them under the pillow of his freshly made bed.

Now I have left my knickers under his pillow many times, but never photographs. 

I left and returned home. I could only hope that this had returned things to normal. Where he is my Dom and I am his sub. He wants me in every possible was you can want a person, and I crave his attention and approval. His love is what I need. He makes everything better. I also crave his ownership, his cock and being used for his pleasure. 

I need him. He said he was pleased that he loved the photographs. I will sleep happy tonight and await our next encounter.

My Dom, my love. 


Bdsm, Submissive

A deeper feeling…

He is my Dom, people would judge.  

How many people would really understand?

 Although, it’s sad that they don’t, not sd for me, sad for them. How could they possibly understand how it feels ? I am lucky, I have found someone that I am completely comfortable with, I can be myself. He knows my faults, he doesn’t use them against me, he helps me to over come my fears, he builds me up, gives me his support. He helps me to grow, he is attentive and knows everything about me.  I have no secrets from him, we keep secrets together. He understands my gears and insecurities, he gives me confidence. He tells me his opinions, yet takes the time to gently listen to mine. He offers me guidance and wisdom. When I feel weak  he gives me strength and self belief. My happiness is a priority. He knows every part of me inside and out.  I don’t have to be embarrassed about my body, after all it’s his. 

How many people have a best friend that’s also their lover, or a sex god that’s also a soul mate? 

I do, because I am owned. 

Tell me, is that so hard to understand?