Bdsm, Submissive

I need him…

As the weekend draws to a close I am thinking about my master. I miss him terribly. I have had such a lovely time with him that I didn’t want it to end when he went home earlier. 

Yesterday he picked me up, he had ordered me to be masterbating when he arrived, of course I happily obliged. I was so desperate to please him, he licked my pussy and let me smell his delicious cock and suck it a little. Eventually I managed to tempt him enough so that he pounded my greedy pussy for a while. He didn’t cum, he stopped. That made me even more desperate.

We went out and I got to be exactly where I belong, by his side. I feel so proud when we are out together and he holds my hand tight. It makes me feel so special. My knickers were wet all day.

We got back to his in the early evening and he cooked for me, he spoils me. I love it when he looks after me, he takes good care of his things. Finally bedtime, it was late, we had been busy. Master ordered me to change my tights for my slut tights. These are literally tights with slut written all over them. Once again he made me masterbate, then he pounded away eventually flooding my pussy with delicious cum. I love it, I rubbed it all in, fucking myself with a huge dildo while sir watched. I came hard. 

This morning I was spoiled again, he let me suck and kiss his cock, then sit on it. My pussy was very sore from last night, it hurt in the best possible way. I came, it was hit a good thing as I hadn’t asked permission and he hadn’t instructed me to. I got carried away. He was cross. 

I sat in his face, master likes a dirty pussy. I sucked his cock and pushed it deep when he came. Mmmm breakfast.

I was punished for my earlier mistake, he hit me so hard with the crop the mark turned purple instantly. I thanked him. I was sorry, he shouldn’t have to waste his time correcting my poor behaviour. 

I thought of him while I rubbed tonight. I just need him all the time.


Bdsm, Submissive

And on the third day…

Tonight was good,  master has been telling me how much he is looking forward to the weekend. This makes me feel a little pressured to perform, but like a good girl I will not shy away for the challenge. I want to please him, to make him happy, and be wanted and desired in return.

I have been thinking of things that I would like to do. I would like master to call me for a home visit, maybe a nurse or call girl. I could arrive suitably dressed of course. If I were a nurse I could give him a thorough examination, milk him and relive his stress. If I were a call girl I could arrive and be used, it would be nice to acknowledge the greedy cum whore within. I would do anything he wanted, after all he would be paying.

I wonder if sir would enjoy that? 

I like the thought of servicing my master, makes my pussy wet. Now I must cum as instructed, masterbating is all well and good but a sub needs to be used. I need him. 

All good things come to those that wait. I must be patient.