Bdsm, Submissive


It’s been a while, things a have been… I’m not really sure how they have been. Sir and I have been distant, I have had doubts about his feelings for me. I began to think that maybe he was bored of me and that our time together was coming to an end. I felt like had nothing left to offer him, nothing new, nothing worth wanting. I still loved him but we just couldn’t be the way we were.

This weekend I was feeling in a rut and we were bickering all the time. I was bored and feeling very inadequate as a girlfriend, mother, daughter, as a person. I was feeling pretty worthless. 

I have no idea how my darling man did it,but he did somehow he just makes everything better. He changed things. He gave me a reality check, he made me see how I was making all of us unhappy. I knew I had to take action, rekindle that spark that was dying. After all I need to be his possession, his obsession. I need him to want and love me.

So, today I went to clean his home. I clean for him once a week. It’s was after work and I was feeling f a lot happier after he fucked me yesterday. So I dressed up in my uniform to clean. 

He was still at work so I decided to send him a couple of suggestive photographs (one of my footwear). Hinting, hopefully tempting him to want me. Just like I used to do. He liked them. This spurred me on. 

So I posed for a couple of ‘porn style shots’, to print out and made sure my knickers were suitably wet before  leaving them under the pillow of his freshly made bed.

Now I have left my knickers under his pillow many times, but never photographs. 

I left and returned home. I could only hope that this had returned things to normal. Where he is my Dom and I am his sub. He wants me in every possible was you can want a person, and I crave his attention and approval. His love is what I need. He makes everything better. I also crave his ownership, his cock and being used for his pleasure. 

I need him. He said he was pleased that he loved the photographs. I will sleep happy tonight and await our next encounter.

My Dom, my love. 



Awaiting correction…

Master has been so loving, but I have seriously overstepped the mark.

I snapped at him earlier, I was stressed, too many things to do and only one pair of hands. I do not find it easy to ask people to do things for me. He was here and being so patient as he knows I have so much going on. He is being wonderfully supportive, I’m not sure how he feels about what’s going on, he hasn’t said and I don’t want to pry. I worry. I hope that he feels I am making good decisions. Any change in my life affects him, and all I want is to be with h m and make him happy.

Anyway I snapped at him earlier, it wasn’t his fault, I know it was unacceptable to talk to sir like that, even though I was just moaning, not really directly at him, he felt it was. I can understand why. I feel ashamed of my behaviour, it needs correcting. 

I hope that he still wants me enough to do so.

I would be lost with out him.



Challenging times…

Things have been challenging lately, both sir and I have been unwell.  We have hardly had time together, that creates a distance. It’s hard to be submissive to someone you hardly see. It makes me feel a little lost. 

The distance leaves room for doubt and insecurity to show their ugly faces. I want to be with my master, at his side where I belong, but sadly commitments and illness have not allowed us to have time together. 

Tonight he told me how he felt and what he planned to do, it was lovely to read, and made me happy.But then, once again the text conversation was cut deed. I know that sir is feeling unwell And tired, and the wonderful things he said but somehow I can’t help but feel worried. I worry that I have annoyed my master, or worse still that he is bored of me.  I can’t stop thinking about it and I wonder if I am right for him. I will probably be punished for thinking that, I know that I am not allowed to be negative but I am human after all, and surely I am only concerned because I care, that can’t be a bad thing, can it? 

I love being owned but sometimes, when I feel insecure I struggle. Is it wrong to have doubts about a submissive lifestyle?

I go to bed with a racing mind and a heavy heart.



I am sick, and not in the way you’d expect. I’m so cold, my master is not here. I miss him so very much. 

I do have his top though, a top that I put on after a hot bath, he wore it the other day, it smells of him. I put it on and feel comforted. I have him close, I am with his other things. It’s where I belong. 

Wrapped up in his scent I will rest. I will dream of daddy.


Bdsm, Submissive

Saturday morning…

It’s been a while, I fell asleep in Master’s bed after a good fucking on Friday night and woke happily in his arms on Saturday morning. He had to go to work for a little while, I was to stay at home and wait for him. I could not just sit and do nothing when he is working so hard. I got up and changed from my beautiful silk nightie into my work clothes.

I haven’t worn my maid outfit in a long time, frilly white knickers, suspenders and stockings underneath. I applied heavy make up and chose a blonde wig. My new black and pink shoes are so pretty it was great to put them on. It’s been ages since I wore my work clothes. They felt wonderful, sexy. 

I set to work tidying, cleaning and washing. I love to clean for sir. Chores is one of the things that I am good at. That and sex, so mater tells me. 

Master was very pleased when he returned, he became instantly aroused. I love it when I can do that to him. He may have the control but who has the power? 

He kisses me and touched my pussy, it’s so good to feel him way if me. His cock was so hard.

‘Please fuck me sir, please. I need it’ I was desperate. 

Master is kind, he bent me over the sofa, pulled down my knickers and fucked me roughly. I needed it badly! Suddenly he stops, gets my huge dildo, lays me on the floor and fucks me with it. My orgasm was so intense I actually thought I would piss myself. I think he may have liked that, his desperate sub pissing herself on the lounge floor.

‘May I dress you sir?’

Something that you don’t know, (well until now) is that master likes to cross dress occasionally. I like to do his make up and help him to get ready. He agrees, we go to the bedroom I plug his butt and I make him look pretty. His lips look delicious with lipstick, his legs although very masculine look amazing in stockings. I fancy him, it’s nice to have a bit of girlie time. 

Back to the lounge, I change into a more suitable dress, and I torture his sissy hole. First with fingers and vibrators, and then I milk his prostrate, he is so horny.

‘Fuck me please, fuck me with your big strap on’

I am happy to oblige, my strap on is great, one dildo inside me and one to punish sir’s sissy hole. We go to the bedroom and I set to work, I fuck his hole while he moans and I cum again and then cage his cock and milk him some more. He loves it, but he is a dirty sissy.

After releasing him from his cage sir wants to fuck me. It’s so good to kiss my pretty domme, he looks sexy and it’s nice to kiss his made up face while I ride his hard cock. 

I can not believe the amount he came, I love to milk him. 

Can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning. I wonder if may doms cross dress?

Bdsm, Submissive

Smacked bottom…

That’ll teach me. Sir was In the kitchen, he was bent over. I crept up behind and slapped his bottom. It was a cheeky slap. He stopped dead. Turned to look at me. 

Oh shit! He was cross. 

Before I could move, he  literally whipped my trousers and knickers down, forced me over and smacked my bottom. It was so hard, two slaps to each cheek and they were burning. My bottom was purple, broken blood vessels. 

Poor sir. How it must have hurt his palm, how grateful I am that he took the time to correct my behaviour. 

He is selfless. My bottom was sore. It was wonderful. 

I am a lucky girl