Bdsm, Submissive


It’s been a while, things a have been… I’m not really sure how they have been. Sir and I have been distant, I have had doubts about his feelings for me. I began to think that maybe he was bored of me and that our time together was coming to an end. I felt like had nothing left to offer him, nothing new, nothing worth wanting. I still loved him but we just couldn’t be the way we were.

This weekend I was feeling in a rut and we were bickering all the time. I was bored and feeling very inadequate as a girlfriend, mother, daughter, as a person. I was feeling pretty worthless. 

I have no idea how my darling man did it,but he did somehow he just makes everything better. He changed things. He gave me a reality check, he made me see how I was making all of us unhappy. I knew I had to take action, rekindle that spark that was dying. After all I need to be his possession, his obsession. I need him to want and love me.

So, today I went to clean his home. I clean for him once a week. It’s was after work and I was feeling f a lot happier after he fucked me yesterday. So I dressed up in my uniform to clean. 

He was still at work so I decided to send him a couple of suggestive photographs (one of my footwear). Hinting, hopefully tempting him to want me. Just like I used to do. He liked them. This spurred me on. 

So I posed for a couple of ‘porn style shots’, to print out and made sure my knickers were suitably wet before  leaving them under the pillow of his freshly made bed.

Now I have left my knickers under his pillow many times, but never photographs. 

I left and returned home. I could only hope that this had returned things to normal. Where he is my Dom and I am his sub. He wants me in every possible was you can want a person, and I crave his attention and approval. His love is what I need. He makes everything better. I also crave his ownership, his cock and being used for his pleasure. 

I need him. He said he was pleased that he loved the photographs. I will sleep happy tonight and await our next encounter.

My Dom, my love. 


Bdsm, Submissive

I need him…

As the weekend draws to a close I am thinking about my master. I miss him terribly. I have had such a lovely time with him that I didn’t want it to end when he went home earlier. 

Yesterday he picked me up, he had ordered me to be masterbating when he arrived, of course I happily obliged. I was so desperate to please him, he licked my pussy and let me smell his delicious cock and suck it a little. Eventually I managed to tempt him enough so that he pounded my greedy pussy for a while. He didn’t cum, he stopped. That made me even more desperate.

We went out and I got to be exactly where I belong, by his side. I feel so proud when we are out together and he holds my hand tight. It makes me feel so special. My knickers were wet all day.

We got back to his in the early evening and he cooked for me, he spoils me. I love it when he looks after me, he takes good care of his things. Finally bedtime, it was late, we had been busy. Master ordered me to change my tights for my slut tights. These are literally tights with slut written all over them. Once again he made me masterbate, then he pounded away eventually flooding my pussy with delicious cum. I love it, I rubbed it all in, fucking myself with a huge dildo while sir watched. I came hard. 

This morning I was spoiled again, he let me suck and kiss his cock, then sit on it. My pussy was very sore from last night, it hurt in the best possible way. I came, it was hit a good thing as I hadn’t asked permission and he hadn’t instructed me to. I got carried away. He was cross. 

I sat in his face, master likes a dirty pussy. I sucked his cock and pushed it deep when he came. Mmmm breakfast.

I was punished for my earlier mistake, he hit me so hard with the crop the mark turned purple instantly. I thanked him. I was sorry, he shouldn’t have to waste his time correcting my poor behaviour. 

I thought of him while I rubbed tonight. I just need him all the time.


Bdsm, Submissive

One last present…

One last present, a box under sir’s tree, he has already spoiled me with gifts at Christmas. I opened it on new years eve. Filled with treats! 

As you can imagine not the usual treats. Inside there were new toys for his girl to play with, a vibrating butt plug, a huge dildo and a beautiful minx tail butt plug. He is so thoughtful.

Sir took me out, I love being out with him, I am so proud to be his. It was fun but I couldn’t wait to get home. We hadn’t had any proper alone time in ages, I was also excited to play with my new toys. 

We got home, sir didn’t disappoint, he never does. I was allowed to try the new butt plug on him. He used my huge dildo on me, stretching his fuckhole. It was amazing, he made me take it all. Sir fucked me, god he feels good inside. Double entry next, one huge dildo in my soaked pussy, and sir forces his big cock in too.It hurt like hell, but oh fuck it was good. 

I am a cock hungry, greedy whore that likes a full hole. It’s what he makes me, desperate for his approval, his attention, his love and his cock. I’d do anything for him. 

He came inside, wow. Later I was allowed to suck his cock whilst riding my dildo. I love a cock I my mouth while I have a full cunt. 

Yesterday I was so sore it hurt to sit down. Mmmm,  a reminder of being well used. I can’t wait to try out my tail. Writing this makes me wet. I am glad it’s o day.
Happy new year.


Bdsm, Submissive

Owned inside…

What a relief that he is home. I desperately missed master while he was away. I missed his presence, his scent, also the way that he both excites and calms me at the same time.

I wanted to just sit and look at him all evening, inhale him, just to take it all in. I loved being near him again, skin to skin.

His body is heaven and his  cock tasted divine. His cum delicious. My special milk from my master.

This morning he decided to take my pussy. I love to be used by him, that’s my purpose. That’s why he has me, for his pleasure. I love the feel of my master inside, the connection, and being owned internally. His cock felt especially hard, thick. He pounded away and we orgasmed together. It was what I needed so desperately. He came inside me. It was just wonderful, I squirm at the thought and my pussy throbs each time I think of it. I get wet.

Master left his seed inside. I have part of him I my body. Marking what belongs to him, using it as he sees fit. I feel owned inside and out. I like being owned by him.

He is a gift.


Bdsm, Submissive

Deeper feelings…

Things have been a little different lately. Sir has surprised me in so many ways.

I had an accident. He dropped everything and looked after me. He held my hand through it all, cuddled me, kissed me better, dried my tears and sat up with me in the night when I was in pain.

He continues to look after me, patiently waiting for his toy to be fixed. He has been gentle and understanding, even turning a blind eye to my bratty behaviour at times.

I have never been showed such patience, love and kindness. I have never needed him so much. He has been there all the way, and continues to support me. My master takes good care of his things.

I can not wait to be fixed and able to fulfill my duties, it is frustrating. I must be patient and control my behaviour.

My feelings, my respect for him and appreciation of his guidance have deepened daily and continue to do so. I am a lucky girl to have such a wonderful owner.  I can not imagine my life without him, it would be empty.

I treasure him. I want to be his forever.

My master is the life of my life.


Bdsm, Submissive

He looks after his things…

Like his other belongings master takes care of me, looks after me, he likes me to have nice things and makes sure that I am ok. He checks on my well being throughout the day, he has to know where I am at all times.

Most people would not understand, say that he is a control freak, over possessive. That is not the case, he is my dominant, he chose me and I chose to give myself to him.

I didn’t set out to seek a dominant,  I fell in love with a man in the conventional way, and it just happened. It just made sense.

I am his. He is mine. Everything is as it should be.